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Personal GPS Tracking

The UBI-5000E is the smallest GPS Tracking Device on the market today. With no external battery or antenna required, the entire functioning GPS Tracker is as small as a set of car keys and fits in the palm of your hand.

GPS tracking online: See in real time where the UBI-5000E GPS Tracking System is, whether you are tracking and monitoring packages, luggage, loved ones, vehicles, your boat, or yourself!

Detailed real time location tracking reports showing current location as well as a complete history of stored tracks is at your fingertips.

The most accurate and reliableGPS tracking device on the market

The first ever tracking device developed for personal OR fleet tracking.

Click on PRODUCTS above for a drop-down menu and detailed information on our GPS locator units and GPS tracking accessories.

The next generation of GPS tracking is here. Our direct GPRS data connection gives you the most accurate and reliable tracking data ever.

Featuring SiRF star III technology for extra sensitive reception outdoors and indoors, the UBI-5000E tracking unit has a WAAS enabled receiver providing GPS signal corrections, giving better position accuracy. How much better? Try an average of up to five times better.

Flexible service plans ranging from $19.99 per month. See service plans under the products tab above for more detail.

Global Tracking Group´s website is comprehensive and easy to use. Users can view or print driving reports with street addresses, and receive location alerts via e-mail or cell phone when you don´t have access to the internet. Our reliable GPS tracking service and support features an unmatched combination of maps, satellite images, and aerial photography to cover the entire planet.

We provide mapping for the entire world using the latest cutting edge 3D maps. The login is completely secure and will allow you to track one or multiple devices at a time.

Portable GPS: The UBI-5000E is small; this tiny GPS tracking unit is only 2½ inches by 1½ inches by ¾ of an inch thick.

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Personal GPS Tracker
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Wondering how the UBI-5000E looks in action? Take a look at this Live Demo as our sample unit tracks.
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Rental UBIs now available
The new UBI-5000E only $224.95
Service Plans starting at $19.99!

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Some of our most popular uses...
are listed below, but these aren't the only uses. You can track virtually anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime… in real time, simply by logging in to any laptop or desktop PC.

Fleet GPS Tracking
Businesses of All Sizes     
use the UBI-5000E GPS Tracking Units to track vehicles, employees, and equipment for safety reasons, security reasons, and to increase efficiency with accurate and quick communication. Businesses find that these devices are the way to go for smart commercial fleet management because of the simplicity, ease-of-use, reliability, and the affordable pricing. Some examples of company types that use our line of GPS Tracking Systems are: HVAC/Plumbing Companies, Engineering Firms, Landscapers, Tractor-Trailers, Government Contractors, Universities, Limousine Services, Cleaning Services, Construction Companies, Delivery Companies, Farmers, and More!

GPS Tracking for Children and Cars

GPS Tracking for Children

Parents and Kids     
Parents use the GPS Trackers to track children of all ages for safety and security reasons. Small children carry the UBI-5000E GPS Device in pouches, pockets, backpacks or clothing and other creative and resourceful ways unique to the child and parenting style.

Parents also find our tracking helpful for transitioning teenagers as new drivers into the world of driving the proper speed, monitoring intended destinations, and for security in general.

Children use the UBI-5000E GPS Tracking Device to track aging parents for safety, security and peace of mind for the whole family.

Runners and Power Walkers     
use the UBI-5000E GPS Tracking Device to see where they have been, how fast they were going, and of course for safety reason. Loved ones can log in from home to check on their status in real time.
Health Care Facilities     
and loved ones use the UBI-5000E line of GPS Tracking Products to assist with protecting those with autism, Alzheimer´s, and other disabilities.
Boaters and Jet Skiers     
use the GPS Tracking System to keep tabs on their boat for security reasons and to allow loved ones to see their travels on water. More and more, insurance companies are requiring this level of security.
Bicyclists and Motorcyclists     
use the UBI-5000E GPS Tracking Products to track bicycles and to track motorcycles as a means of viewing speed, distance, and detailed maps of their travels, as well as to protect their vehicles from being stolen.
use the UBI-5000E GPS Tracking Units to track their trips world-wide for posterity and so that loved ones can track them for safety reasons. Travelers also toss the tiny trackers into their luggage to help protect assets from theft.
and other assets of significant value are tracked with our UBI-5000E GPS tracking systems to help ensure the items are delivered when and where they should be.
Dog and Horse Owners     
use our GPS Tracking Units because they find it helpful to know where their pets have been while the owners´ are away on vacation or at work. Did they go to the neighbor´s house? How much exercise are they getting?
Hunters and Fishermen     
use the UBI-5000E GPS Trackers for their hunting dogs, ATVs, and for tracking themselves for safety reasons.
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