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October 18, 2013

Personal GPS Tracking Devices and international travel.

Many clients of Global Tracking Group are using a personal GPS tracking device while traveling internationally. More specifically, a personal GPS tracking device is useful for a teen or college student studying abroad. Family members can feel secure in knowing the whereabouts of the student by using our mapping application to identify the specific location the student is traveling and that they are where they are supposed to be. Using the Geo-Fence feature available through the mapping application, anyone with access to the account can set up a virtual fence and be alerted via email or text message when the GPS tracking device has entered or exited a specific area. Family trips are also a good scenario for GPS tracking devices in order to let friends and family not only get a feel for the experience you are having, but also to know you are safe! Coupled with a daily blog, this is a fun way to create a memory of your family adventures.

In addition to personal travel, GTG has corporate clients that are required to provide a high level of safety for their executive staff. By using our personal GPS tracking devices, corporations are better equipped to handle any situations that may arise in an unstable or unfriendly country. The UBI5000E personal tracking device has a built in panic button that when configured and pressed will email or text up to 5 different recipients. Because of our desire to only carry the best products, GTG’s UBI5000E personal GPS tracking device will work all over the world. We have clients that span the globe and viewing their location is very simple with our mapping application.


October 2, 2013

Business Travel Security using Real-time GPS Services.

In 2006, when Global Tracking Group, based in Baltimore Maryland was established, our vision was to provide the smallest, most accurate and reliable GPS Personal Tracker on the market while providing the best service to our customers in the industry. Since then, Global Tracking Group has been the provider of choice to many of the top companies in the US and beyond. These companies use our service for tracking of their products from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers. Some use it for tracking field personnel when making calls on customers. For others, being able to track their executives when traveling abroad, with the built in panic button, has become a staple in their security management protocols. No matter what your need, if you want to track an asset outdoors from one location to another GPS is the only solution and Global Tracking Group has become the provider of choice. Some examples:

  • Large US based manufacturer with two large plants in Mexico. They are spot checking their shipments to the US and are tracking their executives as they travel back and forth to the plants. They have been a customer of Global Tracking Group since 2007.
  • Large US based software developer with offices around the globe. They track their executives when out of the country so their security team can follow from a distance instead of on top of them. A GTG customer since 2008.
  • Large national independent trucking firm provides their varied customers real-time tracking services of their shipments on request. They provide a real-time link to our mapping application so that their customers can see where their shipment is at a click of a button and prepare for delivery. A GTG customer since 2008.
  • Large US based pharmaceutical company shipping product abroad had issues with theft. They put trackers in several containers and can see when they arrive to their port of destination and when they arrive to ports not expected and can alert authorities of the theft. A GTG customer since 2009
  • Large US based Retail Group was concerned about their employees when traveling around the world. They now have each employee carry a UBI5000E tracker with built in panic alert for immediate notifications in an emergency situation. A GTG customer since 2010.

Global Tracking Group's personal GPS tracking device and real-time tracking solutions has enabled many of the largest US based companies to meet their security needs when employees travel outside the US. We are proud to be the company of choice for this group.


September 4, 2013

Teen Drivers

A little over a year ago, a frantic mother of a new teen driver called Global Tracking Group to ask if we could supply her with a real-time GPS tracking device so that she could monitor the driving habits of her son. It turns out she had heard from several sources, including her younger daughter, that her son had a very heavy foot. When she confronted him, he had the typical response of most teenage kids, "oh mom, I don't speed that much" and "It can't happen to me, I'm a good driver, don't worry" and "I don't have any tickets do I?" But she knew better.

Being a parent myself, I understand how helpless you can feel when trying to explain to a teenager the fact that he or she can hurt him or herself as well as hurting others with their actions behind the wheel. Teenagers have a sense of invincibility and the tragedies they hear about day in and day out involving teens with cars can't possibly happen to them. Teens don't set out to get into trouble. Peer pressure can push them into doing things they know are wrong. That was the case when I was a kid and it will be the case when my grandkids get their license.

Last week, this same customer called me to let me know that the real-time GPS tracking unit she bought from us has worked wonders on her son and has helped change his driving habits significantly, possibly saving him and others from suffering through potential tragedy. How? She took my advice and told him there was a GPS tracker on his car. At first he balked but when she told him that having the tracker was a condition of using the car, he didn't have a choice. She used this tracker to monitor his performance and twice revoked his driving privileges when she caught him speeding excessively. If he wanted access to the wheels, he had to follow the rules when driving. In addition to showing her the speed he was traveling, she was also able to receive a text notification when he arrived at school in the morning as well as when he left school in the afternoon by setting up a simple Geo-fence using the online Global Tracking Group GPS mapping application. She mentioned that this feature was particularly comforting because she could now relax knowing he made it to his destination without incident.

Many of our prospective customer's think they are better off covertly hiding a GPS tracker in the car and then when the teenager does something wrong they can catch them. I tell them all, wouldn't you rather prevent a tragedy before it happens rather than be able to say "I told you so"? It's not about spying on your kids; it's about helping them become responsible and to keep them from becoming a statistic. The intent is not to catch them doing something wrong but to make them think twice before doing something that they know is wrong. Peer pressure is real. When the teen can say "I can't go faster, I'm being monitored by GPS" it takes a lot of that pressure off of them.


August 6, 2013

GPS For Rental Companies

GPS tracking of rental assets has become a large market for companies like Global Tracking Group, a leader in GPS product solutions based out of Baltimore Maryland. Theft prevention is one reason but another more pressing need is to monitor their customer's whereabouts. In just the past 12 months, Global Tracking Group has sold GPS real-time tracking systems to several companies that rent items such as snowmobiles, kayaks and fishing boats from Maine to Florida. "We have found that these companies want to limit their liability by setting usage boundaries" said Ken Barksdale CEO of Global Tracking Group. They specifically want to make sure the user does not exceed the operating area they have established or if lost, they can easily find them. "Being able to see where all your rental customers are from a desktop or mobile device in real-time is a new concept to most rental providers" says Barksdale.

GPS has become a simple and cost effective way to manage the outdoor sports enthusiasts' rental industry. For one snowmobile Rental Company this solution has been a wonderful way to ensure their customers stay safe. Last winter they had two occasions where customers got lost on the trails and they were able to steer them back in the right direction. On another occasion they had a customer exceed the signed boundary and got lost deep in the woods. They were able to locate them without calling in for search and rescue support because they could see on their mobile device where the customer was last located and were quickly able to find them.

In Florida, a large boat rental company needed a more cost effective way to monitor their boat rental fleet. They thought that real-time GPS trackers could be the solution. In the past, the best they could do was to advise the customers as to their operating area and hope they adhered to the rules. On busier days they would even have an employee or two out on the water utilizing several of the rentable boats to make sure the customers were operating within the proper areas. Now, from the manager's desktop, they can view all their boats locations and quickly contact those that breach the operating zones and advise them to return. If a boat is in trouble they can immediately locate it.

Real-time GPS tracking of rental equipment has become a must-have management tool. "We have made great strides in the GPS industry in miniaturization and reduced power consumption" says Barksdale. This coupled with the reduction of data costs really makes real-time GPS asset tracking a tool for safety and security.


April 27, 2010

Global Tracking Group Moves to Baltimore

Global Tracking Group announced today that is has moved its corporate headquarters to 300 East Lombard Street in Baltimore's beautiful inner harbor area. The move, which will be complete on May 1st was inevitable says CEO Ken Barksdale. "We have outgrown our current office space and coming back to Baltimore was always my intent." Barksdale, who founded Global Tracking Group in 1996 has taken the company from its early stages to its current industry position as the undisputed leader in personal GPS tracking solutions. "Our focus has always been on being the best when it comes to product performance with superior service. Bringing our offices to Baltimore makes us more accessible to our clients who travel in from all over the country for training and support." "With our needs now for more talented IT and Marketing personnel, I can't think of a better place to grow our business."

Global Tracking Group provides personal and commercial GPS tracking services to large and small employers as well as individuals throughout the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Known for the accuracy and reliability of their solutions, Global Tracking Group plans on expanding their solutions to include indoor tracking sometime in the Fall of 2010.


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