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Wondering how the UBI GPS Tracking Device looks in action? Take a look at this Live Demo as our sample unit tracks.

The UBI-4G is the next generation of UBI GPS trackers with enhanced features for accuracy of position, movement and SOS alerts. We are proud to continue our leadership position as the smallest unit with the greatest battery life on the market.

Last year the major cell networks all over the US announced they were moving away from supporting the 2G market. But don’t panic. Global Tracking Group’s international network will continue to support the UBI-5000e 2G through the first quarter of 2020.

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Some of our most popular uses…

are listed below, but these aren’t the only uses. You can track virtually anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime… in real time, simply by logging in to any laptop or desktop PC.

Bicyclists and Motorcyclists

use the UBI-7K GPS Tracking Products to track bicycles and to track motorcycles as a means of viewing speed, distance, and detailed maps of their travels, as well as to protect their vehicles from being stolen.
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Boaters and Jet Skiers

use the GPS Tracking System to keep tabs on their boat for security reasons and to allow loved ones to see their travels on water. More and more, insurance companies are requiring this level of security.
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Health Care Facilities

There are 77,702,865 Baby Boomers–those born 1946-1964. An estimated 4.5 to 5 million Americans have Alzheimer´s, more than double since 1980. 1 in 10 Americans say they…
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Runners and Power Walkers

use the UBI-7K GPS Tracking Device to see where they have been, how fast they were going, and of course for safety reason. Loved ones can log in from home to check on their status in real time.
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What they’re saying

I bought one for my husband who loves to fish on the Chesapeake after work. I love being able to see where he is. He even uses it to keep track of the best fishing spots.

Rachel A., Kent Narrows, MD