golf cart theft

Ways to Prevent Golf Cart Theft

It’s a crime that seems highly unlikely to occur with any great frequency. If fact, that it happens at all seems nearly comical. However, if you have been paying close attention to the news then you will notice that golf cart theft if on the rise throughout the country. In fact in Sevierville Tennessee a…
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bad weather

Tips for Protecting Your Fleet During Bad Weather

During the fall and winter months of low temperatures, rain, ice and snow a fleet manager’s job of is considerably more complicated than it normally is. Fleet managers must take steps that protect their crews from such adverse conditions while at the same time they must keep them running on time. Sure, our GPS locator…
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gps tracking

How and Why Local Governments Use GPS Tracking

When private individuals think of GPS they probably think of how it helps to protect their personal belongings and how the technology guides them in their personal vehicles or when traveling by foot. When business leaders think of GPS they probably think about how the technology helps them keep track of their valuable assets. However,…
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fleet management

Top Fleet Management Mistakes

There are many different components to fleet management. Managers are in control of inventory (assets), fleets, costs, etc. So eventually, mistakes are bound to be made when juggling this many tasks. This is understandable. However, it can also be quite costly to a business. It is therefore essential that managers, know how to avoid common…
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vehicle tracking

6 Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

To the many companies that do business with us, the benefits of using our vehicle tracking systems are obvious. Our GPS tracker helps companies control their resources in an efficient and cost-effective manner which is, after all, what asset management is all about. However, we understand that some companies may be trying to decide whether…
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GPS Tracking for Dementia Patients and the Elderly

Not all elderly persons suffer from dementia but most seniors exhibit some degree of forgetfulness. Here are the some of the many benefits of using GPS in caring for dementia patients and the elderly. Allows greater independence: Personal GPS trackers help dementia patients and the elderly retain some degree of independence. The elderly in particular…
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Portal GPS Recover for Vehicle Recovery Industry

Portable GPS Tracking Device for the Vehicle Recovery Industry

Many advancements in technology have aided the vehicle recovery companies who work on behalf of the banks and finance companies repossession divisions.  Few have brought more value or return on investment than the portable GPS tracker.  In the past, once they located the vehicle they had to have a staff member keep an eye on…
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personal gps tracker

GPS for Seasonal Commercial Use

The use of personal GPS trackers has become a much needed safety component in some industries.  Take Snowmobile rental companies for instance.  During the winter months, renting snowmobiles for recreational exploration has become very popular.  In many areas, the trails can go on for hundreds of miles.  In the past, if a renter who is…
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