Commercial GPS Tracking Systems

Since our inception in 2006, Global Tracking Group has sold over 5,300 GPS real time tracking devices to clients such as Microsoft, Caterpillar, Heinz, Saks 5th Ave and Century 21, Not to mention State and Federal Agencies such as the DEA, the National Guard, the US Coast Guard and many US Embassies around the world. The UBI-7K GPS tracking system is used by security teams for tracking of corporate personnel, Celebrities, and VIP’s but is also used for everyday tracking of small fleets, laptops, expensive equipment and law enforcement.

Here are some of the most popular uses and benefits:

  • Tracking Corporate Executives when traveling abroad
  • Track mileage for expense or tax reporting
  • Tracking Laptops or luggage when out of site
  • Develop better routing for delivery vehicles
  • Are they where they are supposed to be?
  • Suspicious employee activity
  • Company vehicles being improperly driven for personal use
  • Driving and parking reports*
  • Are they where they are supposed to be?
  • Your history of tracking is retained as long as you are a customer
  • Set up to 5 GeoFences and receive an e-mail alert or a cell phone text alert when the device leaves or enters into the area(s) you specify
  • Name and rename each GPS Tracking Device whenever you’d like to help keep track of which unit is assigned to which employee

A variety of accessories and service plans are available to compliment the UBI-7K, but here is one of the most popular packages:

1 – UBI-7K GPS Tracking Unit [$239.95] **
1 – Hardwire Kit [$74.95]
1 – Network Activation (one-time fee) [$57.00]
1 – 1 Minute Tracking Plan [$56.99/month] Note: You can move up and down in plans as needed

Some businesses prefer a more portable GPS Tracking System:

1 – UBI-7K GPS Tracking Unit [$239.95] **
1 – 15.6 Amp/ Hibernator Battery Pack [$174.95] (Up to 6 months battery life)
1 – Network Activation (one-time fee) [$57.00]
1 – 1 Minute Tracking Plan [$56.99/month] Note: You can move up and down in plans as needed
* The driving and parking reports were created for the 1-minute tracking plan and may be incomplete on less frequent tracking plans.
** VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: Call us for a quote on orders of 3 or more… 1-800-774-9808

Industries that use GPS vehicle tracking devices:

  • Food & beverage
  • Distribution
  • Utilities
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Trucking
  • Manufacturers
  • Sales organizations
  • Surveying
  • Used car dealers
  • Government Maintenance

Some of our better known clients include: