The use of personal GPS trackers has become a much needed safety component in some industries.  Take Snowmobile rental companies for instance.  During the winter months, renting snowmobiles for recreational exploration has become very popular.  In many areas, the trails can go on for hundreds of miles.  In the past, if a renter who is unfamiliar with the area got lost, they would call the rental company from their cell phone and say “Hey I’m lost out here.” The rental company would have no idea where they are or where to start looking.  With the inclusion of a personal GPS tracker, the rental company need only look up their whereabouts on their computer or GPS mobile app provided by Global Tracking Group and send assistance or verbally guide them out of the trails.  In one case this past year, one renter actually flipped his snowmobile and was injured.  The rental company was monitoring the personal GPS tracking device and noticed it hadn’t moved for several minutes.  They sent a supervisor to that location and were able to bring the injured renter out quickly for medical attention within 45 minutes.  Without the personal GPS tracker on the snowmobile, that renter could have been there for hours if not days before they were found.