Not all elderly persons suffer from dementia but most seniors exhibit some degree of forgetfulness. Here are the some of the many benefits of using GPS in caring for dementia patients and the elderly.

  • Allows greater independence: Personal GPS trackers help dementia patients and the elderly retain some degree of independence. The elderly in particular can sometimes feel that their personal space is shrinking when caregivers are around them constantly. GPS devices give the elderly the knowledge that they can be free to come and go yet it also keeps them within the caregiver’s protective sphere.
  • Offers peace of mind: Personal GPS trackers allow caregivers to have some degree of confidence that their loved one is being monitored and that help can be mere moments away.
  • Are small and unobtrusive: Our devices can easily fit in your glove compartment, laptop case or luggage and do not restrict movement in any way.
  • Delivers geo-fencing capabilities: It can be very beneficial to limit how far a dementia patient can wander. Our devices will notify you if your loved one exits a designated geographic area so that you can then take action. Notification is fast and automatic.
  • Gives dementia patients and the elderly greater confidence: GPS tracking devices allow both dementia patients and the elderly to function with a greater sense of confidence at times when they are alone and have little or no supervision. They know that they can be quickly located and that help will arrive should they need it.elderly
  • Protects them from danger: Most important of all, GPS tracking devices help protect dementia patients in particular. Our units minimize the dangers that can befall patients and the elderly.

Uncertainty, fear and apprehension are all a natural part of caring for dementia patients and the elderly. In both cases, forgetfulness can put the safety and even the lives of both in danger. Caregivers seek peace of mind while at the same time they desire that dementia patients and the elderly still be able to enjoy some level of independence and dignity. This is where personal GPS personal tracking can come be useful. It can help caregivers, full-blown dementia suffers and the elderly. Our devices can be also be used as an asset tracker for companies that wish to protect their businesses against waste, theft, etc.