It’s a crime that seems highly unlikely to occur with any great frequency. If fact, that it happens at all seems nearly comical. However, if you have been paying close attention to the news then you will notice that golf cart theft if on the rise throughout the country. In fact in Sevierville Tennessee a business owner their reported the theft of 10 pricey golf carts valued at over 10k a piece. So, whether golf carts are being stolen for resale, personal amusement or other purpose we suggest using our real time GPS tracking devices and these other easy theft prevention solutions to protect your valuable assets.

  • Install a GPS tracker: According to According to law enforcement officials, 30,000 golf carts are stolen each year in the US. And with that number likely to rise due to how specialized and expensive carts are becoming, it only makes sense to treat them as you would any other mobile asset you own. By using our GPS asset tracker, you can know where your cart is at all times. That way even if someone breaches the security of your golfing establishment, or amusement facility you will know exactly where to send the police.
  • Store golf carts in securely locked garages or sheds: Many municipalities have begun to allow golf carts to travel the roads within the community. This fact has made it increasingly easy for criminals to gain access to golf carts that might otherwise be stored in a private facility. If you are a business owner, consider garaging your cart as much as possible when it is not in use.
  • Use a unique starter key: Unlike ordinary vehicles, many carts share a common kind of key. This makes it easy for thieves to steal them almost at will. Have a unique key made for your cart(s) as an aftermarket device. This may not completely stop thieves but it may make them move on to easier cart theft
  • Install security lights: No burglar likes to work under the glare of bright lights. If you own a facility that uses golf carts, keep your carts in a securely lit area to discourage burglars from even attempting to steal your precious assets.

As golf carts become more customized and more functional, this has meant that they have become more desirable to thieves. In fact, golf cart theft has become so common that it has been nicknamed “Grand Theft Golf Cart” by police. If you are a business owner who uses golf carts you know that golf cart theft is no joking matter. Protect your assets by using our asset tracker.